Holy Week Service Times

Owing to the ongoing situation, all services will take place without a congregation present. Please be united with me in prayer from the safety of your homes

Thursday 9th April 2020 – Maundy Thursday

Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper 8pm.

Mass intention: People of the parish

Reading: John 13: 1-17

The Gospel reading today has Jesus beginning to demonstrate what we will see unfold in the Paschal Triduum. How he, ‘loved his own who were in the world, and he loved them to the end’.

Jesus washes the disciple’s feet, including those of Judas, who Jesus knew was going to betray him. Next, Jesus who is the Lord, tells them to wash one another’s feet in turn.

Maybe, like Peter, I need to accept the idea of Jesus washing my feet first, to be able to do this to others. On this Holy Thursday, where do I want Jesus to make me clean, to prepare for the meal that is to follow?

If he who is called ‘Lord and Master’, washes us, should we not try to follow his example to be in service to others?


Almighty and ever living God, just as we are renewed by the Supper of your Son in this present age, so may we enjoy his banquet for all eternity. Our God who lives and reigns for ever and ever. AMEN

Friday 10th April 2020 – Good Friday

Reading of the Lord’s Passion at 3pm

Please try to gather at home around the image of a cross. 

My intention on this day will be for all those who have died as a result of Covid 19 and the many who are suffering at this time.

If you can, please place a cross or crucifix in one of your front windows to give silent witness to the Passion of Our Lord.

Reading: St John’s Passion V18:1 – V19:42

After he questioned Jesus, Pontius Pilate went out to the Jews again, and told them ‘I find no crime in him. But you have a custom that I should release one person for you at the Passover, will you have me release for you the King of the Jews?’

They cried out again, ‘Not this man but Barabbas!’

When we think about the Passion of Jesus, it is not about apportioning blame as to who killed Jesus. In one sense, if God wanted to get rid of all the evil in the world, he would have to get rid of me and you, because we are all tempted into sin and can fall short.

The paradox of Christianity, we throw our worst at God and he responds to us from the depth of his great love.

Barabbas was let off the hook. Jesus suffered and died for each one of us, to forgive us our sin and to set us free from it.

As you reflect on the Passion today, why not replace in your meditation, the name of Barabbas with your own name? Do I truly believe that I am welcome to turn to Jesus, especially if my cross is heavy and depend on his mercy and love?

During this Holy week there are so many around the world who are suffering pain and loss. Perhaps more than ever in recent years, we need to turn to the cross of Jesus and be reminded of the words to the repentant thief from the cross, ‘Today I promise you will be with me in Paradise’


Let us pray on this Good Friday for the Holy Church of God, that our God and Lord will grant us His peace to guard his Church that throughout the world we may truly reflect the mystery of his Passion, the Lamb of God who came to take away the sins of our world. AMEN

Saturday 11th April 2020 – Easter Vigil

Mass will be celebrated at 8pm.

The intention for this mass will be Trust, Hope, Strength and Joy found in the resurrection of Christ.

Sunday 12th April 2020 – Easter Day

Mass at 10am

Intentions at this mass will be NHS staff, all carers and those working to keep things going at this difficult time in gratitude and thanksgiving for their outstanding efforts.

At all of the above services you will be very much in my thoughts and prayers and as encouraged by the Holy Father and HE The Cardinal please make a spiritual communion with God from home.

Keep safe.  Stay strong and trust in Jesus who is the way, the truth and the light

Reading: John 20:1-9, 19-23

‘ Why do you look among the Dead for someone who lives?’, Jesus is Risen!

In Baptism, ‘we have died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him’. Am I ready today to receive God’s glory and joy in the Resurrection? At this time when there can appear to be such darkness in our world, more than ever we are challenged to walk into the empty tomb, and rejoice in the knowledge that Jesus, Son of God has conquered and destroyed death, and walk once more into the light of the Resurrection that darkness will NEVER EVER overcome.

We are an ‘Easter people! A family of Faith’, this day bathed in our Father’s Light and Love.

Rejoice with each other in the Glory, the Power and the Awe of that Love!

I send you every Blessing and Prayer on this Easter Day. Keep safe, be strong and allow Jesus to walk by your side and dwell in your hearts!

He is Risen,

 Alleluia, Alleluia Alleluia !!!

Fr Reg

Holy Father’s Easter Schedule

The Holy Father’s Easter schedule is available online.

April 9th – Holy Thursday

Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 6pm

April 10th – Good Friday

Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion at 6pm

Way of the Cross from St Peter’s Basilica at 9pm

April 11th – Easter Vigil at 9pm

April 12th Easter morning mass at 11am

Followed by the Holy Father’s blessing urbi et orbi

On Easter morning Cardinal Vincent Nicols’ celebration of Sunday mass will be broadcast on all 39 of the BBC’s local radio stations at 8am

During this Holy week, please keep in your thoughts and prayers His Holiness Pope Francis and HE the Cardinal

How to find Holy Week readings online

Universalis.com has daily readings for each day and the special week ahead, as used in the UK: Jerusalem Bible and Grail psalms.

Find readings on Universalis.com for:
Palm Sunday
Good Friday

How to participate in Mass during the Cov-19 outbreak.

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There are many live services streaming throughout holy week, from across the world, that are available to view on YouTube. Try typing in your search online “holy week services live streaming onlineor similar. Technology, it’s a wonderful thing!

We may be apart, but we are together, in spirit, in prayer, and in our Lord.

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