Everyone who has ever sung in a group, hummed, whistled, or caught a much loved tune on the radio during a busy day, knows the remarkable power of song to lift the human spirit, to bring a moment’s welcome peace.

Music plays an important part in the liturgy at Sacred Heart, and we’re lucky to have two  distinctive choirs in the parish. Catch any Mass on any Sunday and chances are you’ll hear one or other of these.

Music At Sacred Heart group, or maSH, is a folk based singing group with guitars, keyboards, & violins. maSH accompanies the 9:30am family Mass on Sunday. It is led by Maria O’Brien.

The Sacred Heart choirloves to sing “classical” sacred music and accompanies the 11:15am Mass on Sunday. It is led by John and Bernadette Francis and accompanied by organist Brenda Clement. Brenda plays the historic organ at Sacred Heart which has been carefully matched to suit the acoustics of the church and sounds quite wonderful.

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The choirs have sung at weddings, events, charity events, in restaurants, hospitals and day centres, and get together with other churches in Teddington for carol singing at Christmas.

If you are considering joining a choir, but aren’t quite sure, or if you’re not a member of the parish but would like to find out more about singing in Church, please get in contact with Fr Reg or the choir leaders and come along and try out a practice.
You don’t need to read music, a willingness to learn and practise will help you improve once you get started. Singers, as well as those looking to find their voices, are welcome.

john flecher music site – a easy way to learn parts