Becoming a Catholic

People come to Catholicism in many different ways. Some are born into Catholic families and are brought up in the faith. Others may come to Catholicism through choice later in life. Many people find their faith tested during life and may drift away from the church, only to find that they are drawn back to worship.

Whatever stage you are on your spiritual journey you are welcome to explore your faith with us. If you are interesting in learning more about Catholicism or are thinking of becoming a Catholic please feel free to come to any Sacred Heart service and have a chat with Father Reg or get in contact by phone. The number is above.

Sacred Heart runs an annual course for those considering joining the church called Footsteps. This is an informal group which begins to meet and talk around October of each year, with a view to joining the church the following Easter. But there’s no pressure – faith is a journey you can only take at your pace.