Who’s who

Parish Priest
Fr Reg Dunkling
Parochial Administrator
Fr Stephen Beale

Contact Fr Stephen or the Parish Office:
by email : Teddington@rdcow.org.uk
by telephone: 0208 977 2986

All our volunteers do a great job. Together it’s easy, but we could always do with a helping hand. If you’d like to get involved, learn something new (it has happened) or simply find out what’s involved before committing, get in touch directly after Mass (ask someone to find us if you’re not sure), or through Fr. Stephen of course. Or you can sign up on the volunteer sheets at the back of church: Nothing ventured..


Maria O'BrienJohn FrancisImage of Organist Brenda Clements
MaSH group Leader
9:30 Sunday Mass
Maria O’Brien
Sacred Heart Choir Leader
11:15 Sunday Mass
John Francis
11:15 Sunday Mass
Brenda Clements


Newsletter content:            Katherine Conlon
Confirmandi group:
Footsteps programme:
Web editorial group:            David Stead Philippa Mullett

Church Access contact:      Fr Stephen
Mass Rotas:                         John Lund volunteers welcome

Cleaners gp co-ordinator:  Joan Downer
Front garden co-ordinators: Andrea
Flowers:                                Abi Hollaway Stephane England Paulette Rodgers

Chair Finance Committee:  Bernard Galligan

Childrens Liturgy Group: To be restarted post Covid

(Pre March 2020: Fran Foley Michelle Richardson Melinda Franke Zoe Read Ana Blackburn Saoirse Davis John Manley Anthony Irwin Suzanne Parker Gemma Redington Estella Weston Fiona Hanley Maureen Cecil)

Eucharistic Ministers

9:30am List being updated

11:15am Anne Hewitt Anne Antoniades Jonathan Lee Marie Blanc


9:30am List being updated

11:15am Sheila Crowley Douglas Grant Anne Hewitt John Lunt Richard Mullett Philippa Mullett Catherine Ridler

Duty Parishioners – we’re really low on duty parishioners for both sunday masses. If you’re coming to Mass, can you help?

9:30am List being updated

11:15am Diane Muir Anne Hewitt Suu Wynn/Mo Lynn Christina Lee

New Letter Editors/ Proof Readers

Katherine Conlon Megan Courzuin (Donohoe) Grzegorz Pytel Joe Camilleri

Parish Safeguarding representative

Estella Weston: teddingtonsg@safeguardrcdow.org.uk

Cleaning group – we need a few more, can you spare a few hours once every 2 months ?

Co-ordinator: Joan Downer.
Noel Blackie Marie Blanc Anne Earland  Elizabeth McClean Megan Courzuin  Mo Lynn Philippa Mullett Patrick O’Sullivan Nicole Smith Sue Wyan.

Offertory counters  

Joan Downer  Mike Metcalf Christina Lee,

Churches Together                 

John Lunt