music at Sacred Heart

The Music at Sacred Heart (MASH) group sings at Sunday 9.30am Masses, at family Masses on the major feast days and at First Holy Communions and Confirmations.

 Our music comes from a wide variety of traditions  – from Vineyard to Taizé, via spirituals and ‘homegrown’ compositions – adapted to suit the way we sing and play, with a mix of worship songs and more traditional hymns, together with a number of new Mass settings which accord with the revised liturgy. We try to reflect in music the focus of each Sunday’s Mass in a way which is accessible and welcoming to adults and children alike.  And we are as open to suggestions from other Massgoers who have particular favourites that they would like us to bring into our worship, as we are to requests from within the group.  

And we have great summer parties!

 We will always welcome new singers – even if you aren’t pitch-perfect – and instrumentalists who like the style of our music and the informality of the group. Our rehearsals are normally on Wednesdays, twice or three times each month, from 8.00pm to around 10.00pm, to look at music for the weeks ahead and to work on new material.  If you would like to join in, then please have a word with one of us before or after Mass.

 If you’d like to join us, comment on our music, or simply know more about us, you can contact Maria O’Brien at