Andy and Heather Reflection

“Getting married is always going to be very exciting, and a time to share with family on both sides and with friends. We were lucky enough to be able to share it with our Church family too.

When we announced our engagement Fr Reg and everybody at Church was so excited for us, we were shown such love and everyone celebrated with us. It was lovely.

We were a little nervous about the Marriage Preparation Course but didn’t need to be. It was very low key and raised some interesting food for thought, stimulating some important discussions between us and making us think about different aspects of married life before making the commitment.

As 11:15 choir members we’ve both sung at other weddings in the past, but it felt really special preparing for our own big day. It was very useful to be able to discuss our music choices and ask advice from friends there. All our other guests commented on the quality of the music and singing, and Brenda‘s suggestion to have Mozart’s Ave Verum sung while we signed the register was brilliant as it is one of our favourites.

Our wedding felt like a real parish affair with our ceremony at Sacred Heart and reception at the Wharf– thanks Fr Reg for putting us in touch with the team there, they were awesome!

On the day the Church was beautiful. The flowers were matched to our colour scheme and the Church interior is stunning. It was exactly what we wanted and many of our guests commented on how well it all worked.

We remember being very happy the whole day and feeling such love from everyone. Friends from outside the Church commented on what an intimate service it was with Fr Reg clearly knowing us well, and what a loving family atmosphere there was all day.

It was a beautiful day, a wonderful way to start our married life together and as an added bonus we got to walk up a red carpet!

Neither of us would have considered being married anywhere else. Thank you to Fr Reg and to everyone at Sacred Heart for being part of our special day.”

Andy and Heather