Sacred Heart Pilgrimage to The Passion Play Oberammagau 2010

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History of Oberammagau 1633

Southern Germany was in the grip of a thirty years war, poverty and the plague. When the disease reached Oberammagau the villagers prayed for deliverance and made a vow.  They promised to perform a Passion play about the last days of Jesus every ten years for ever more.

There were no more plague victims, Obermmagau was saved and the villagers have kept that promise for over 400 hundred years, thousands come to witness the performance.

What a great experience to share with our fellow pilgrims and a special thanks to Fr Reg and Fr Peter (who travelled from Australia) for leading us on this wonderful journey of faith.

With kind permission of Trevor for the beautiful photographs on our journey of faith reflecting with powerful imagery, the almost real adaption on stage of the Passion of our Lord and special thanks to the committed people and village of Oberammagau.