Pope leaves Vatican for the last time as pontiff

Pope Benedict has left the Vatican for the last time in office after offering “unconditional obedience and reverence” to his successor. The bells of St Peter’s rang as the Pope was taken in his helicopter to his summer residence at Castel Gandolfo. He officially resigns his position at 8pm.

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Sacred Heart prays for Pope

pope_benedict-1The Vatican has announced that Pope Benedict’s final public appearance will be at Mass in St Peter’s Square on 27 February. A new Pontiff is expected to be elected before Easter. The Pope’s announcement shocked catholics around the world and has led to intense speculation about who will be elected his successor. The parish of Sacred Heart is praying for the Holy Father as he prepares for a period of prayer and reflection. Follow the story here

Unto us a son is given Isaiah 9:6


In his new year homily Fr Reg talked about
The Catholic Children’s society, who deliver vital front line work with the most disadvantaged people on our doorstep in London, ¬†helping over 3000 families in London over christmas. He asked for our help in supporting them. If you missed this on sunday, and would like to donate, click on the image. Thank you.